Statement of intent

“Mind the Point – CI and mindfulness” is a weeklong research and exploration
event focusing on the topics of awareness and consciousness within the
practice of Contact Improvisation. It will be preceded by a meeting between
Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Eva Karczag and neuroscientists on similar
themes in the Paris 8 university (

The week will be divided into two stages of development: Mornings are
devoted to internal research labs of the organizing group and invited guests.
Afternoons and evenings open this study to a broader local and international
community in the form of classes, laboratories, discussions, jams and

This study event focuses on how our practice of Contact Improvisation shapes
and changes the ways we perceive ourselves, others and the world around.
We are interested in naming, framing, and bringing awareness to the values
we gain when practicing this particular movement form, but also strengthening
the bridge between the practice and everyday life. Beside the considerations
on values, we attempt to discover how bringing awareness and fostering
consciousness influences the perception, alters the states of consciousness
and therefore our understanding of who we are and what we do as individuals
and within communities.

Mind the Point contemplates on mindfulness within Contact Improvisation,
aims to maintain openness towards unknown and support the process of gaining
awareness over our known how’s, fixed beliefs and unwritten
rules, even taboos within CI. We encourage exploration, engagement,
sharing, dialoguing, and learning together while discovering CI in its fuller
understanding and existence.